Sunday, 15 June 2014


Assalamualaikum and good morning ( 12.15 am already )

Just to make a simple review cause of my little laziness lately. hik3
Btw , my hubby had a fever , so we rushed to a clinic for mc slip. Pity for him. So , I decided to bring him for our tea-time ( he needed to drink warm,lovely taste and hot beverage )

Location : Kapitan Kopitiam (infront Klinik Pergigian Taiping and same lane with Kuew Tiaw Doli)

He choosed Latte ( RM3.20/each ). It came with a smooth taste and he loved Latte very much. Because we came for tea-time only , we ordered 2 signatures toast. First , Cheese French Toast ( RM4.90/each )

Cheese French Toast

I gave a big rate for this Cheese French Toast cause it really cheesy and you can dipped it with chilli sauce. The second one came in one set , which is Sausage Cheese Toast and Hot Coffee with milk ( RM6.50/set ).
Its coffee could be accepted by my body. I liked its taste. Btw, I had a terrible history with Old Town White Coffee's coffee ( I feel dizzy after drink their coffee. ) 

Sausage Cheese Toast

Hot Coffee with Milk

Here , 6% gov tax will be charged. After had a lovely time , chatting , revise our old stories here , we returned to our home. Such a lovely Friday. 


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